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Non-Mechanical Padding Buckets

  • Requires no hydraulic hook-ups

  • No moving parts or hoses

  • Seperate's material between 1/2" to 12", per specification of your jobsite requirements

  • Fits CAT 325, CAT 330, CAT 330 quick disconnect, and CAT 345 Excavators

  • Fits John Deere 330 Excavator

  • Available in sizes Small and Large

Available for Rent; the Non-Mechanical Padding Bucket comes in both Small and Large sizes. They are versatile for a variety of jobs including :


  • Placing berms in the ditch for the pipeline to sit on

  • Lowering and tying in the pipeline

  • Padding the pipeline, back-fill and clean up.

Outlaw Padding Buckets are protected by Patent NO. 6,834,447; 6,834,447B1; 6,371,305B1; 7,445,122 & Patents Pending.

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