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Mechanical Padding Buckets


  • Designed for cross country pipelines

  • Mounts on Excavators with 3rd Valve or Auxilary Hydraulic Application

  • Screens material 3/4" through 1 1/2" per specifications of your jobsite requirements

  • Fines are gravity fed through the bucket

  • Insert options include Agitators or Crushers

  • Non-binding, non jamming, and non clogging

  • Non damaging to the pipeline coating

  • Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Outlaw's Mechanical Padding buckets are available in sizes Small, Medium and Large with Crusher or Agitator inserts per your specifications; they are available for rent.

Outlaw's Padding Buckets are protected by Patent NO. 6,834,447; 6,834,447B1; 6,371,305B1; 7,445,122 & Patents Pending.

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