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Outlaw Padding Company was founded in 1997 by Albert "Ben" Currey. We are family owned and operated while proudly manufacturing all of our products in the United States. Since our founding, we have continued to improve our equipment to meet all the demands of the Pipeline Industry. The integrity of your pipeline job starts here, with engineered products by Outlaw Padding Company.


Our Vision.


In the future, we will continue to grow our business across National and International boarders while still manufacturing all of our products in the United States. As the Pipeline Industry continues to evolve so will our equipment; ever changing in designs and inginuity to meet the demands of the industry. We will strive to meet or serve any need or requirement the Pipeline Industry has or may present in the future.

Our History.


Founder and President, Albert "Ben" Currey, of Outlaw Padding Company started his journey in the oil and gas industry nearly 23 years prior to the invention of his first padding bucket. He graduated with a certification in Hyperbaric Welding (deep sea/underwater welding) in 1982 in Houston, Texas. Five years later, he started his tenure with Arizona Pipeline, eventualy becoming a Mechanical Pipeline Superintendent with the company. With experience in natural gas and oil pipelines, oil refineries and compressor stations, he recognized the set backs of the machinary available at the time and decided he could build a better option for seperating fines.


In 1997, after 6 months of design and engineering, the first Outlaw Padding bucket was manufactured by Ben and his son Ben Jr. In the last two decades, our products have grown to include Mechanical and Non-Mechanical Padding buckets with Carbide teeth for wear and longevity and agitating inserts available. The manufacturing and assembly of our buckets is completed here in the United States, keeping American jobs on American soil. We take pride in our products and continuously evolve their designs to give you the absolute best product available in the Pipeline Padding equipment market today.

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